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New Sexy Sports Car is released in Second Life :)

April 18th, 2012 Comments off

A real nice sports cars are available now by the one of famous Exotic Sports Car MFG in Second Life “Haru Motors”
The name of the car is “LE FA”.

The detail of this car is amazing.

I just took it to test drive on Linden Route 7 in Gaeta Island.

The rear wing will be pop up when you drive in high-speed 🙂 or you could pop it up by manually.

To open the hood, just touch on the hood. It is very easy.

Several animation and poses are included for you to enjoy, nice!

The gas pump is included in a package.

Don’t ran out fuel 🙂 You might be end up to push a car to go back home.

You must use a gas pump to re-fuel to go to drive.

7 colors are available. The fat pack is included all 7 colors.

You must see it, it is the great car! The cockpit is very nice, too.

The HUD is available when you get in a car.

You could switch it to normal drive mode, Drift mode, and etc.


All cars are displayed at AYA USA now.
Here is the SURL:


Enjoy 🙂

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Land for rent (Auto Shop) is open now :) in Second Life.

July 28th, 2011 Comments off

It is nice location. The test course is available.

This is for shop only, no residents area available.

More information is available at leasing office.

Here is a URL for leasing office.

Second Life Machinima “almost over it”

July 16th, 2011 No comments

From Original Posts:
almost over it
by annimatronics
SIM Production
You Axelbrad

chocochip Ampan
lips aura
Kakuya Herbit
Kirin nirvana
umekobutya Beck

Movie Design
umejintan Beck / ume sib – collection


special thanks
HARU MOTORS / Haru Kappler


Stage Setting

Video by umejintan
Thank you.

New Sports Cars are released by Haru Motors in Second Life

June 23rd, 2011 Comments off

New Sports Cars “HM Pa Hu” is released.
Special HUD for control panel is included.

7 different colors are available.

Many pose are included in a car to enjoy.

The display cars are available at AYA USA now.

Check it out now 🙂

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New Helicopters are released by Apolon Motors

June 9th, 2011 Comments off

The new helicopter “EC-135 RED” is released by Apolon Motors.

The display model and vendors are available at AYA USA now.
Here is a SURL:

I have many rides at shop.

Please come by when you have a chance:)

See ya!

New sports cars are released in Second Life

May 12th, 2011 Comments off

Many new models are arrived at AYA USA now.
These are very nice quality automobiles, and released by HaruMotors.

We have many Cars, Airplanes, Helicopters, and etc.
Please come by and check it out.

Free demo are available 🙂

See ya!

Nice exotic cars are released in Second Life :)

November 24th, 2010 1 comment

Are you ready for Holidays?
I would like to introduce new super cars released by Haru Motors.

It is one of very high detailed product in Second Life.
So many options included in a package, such as adjustable seats, Drifting race mode, Rims changer, view controller, lights switches and more!

Good for 4 peoples to ride together to enjoy driving 🙂

Adajustable seats on both side. A nice animation included on each seat.

Also, the hood and trunk are operational:)

I have all colors as display at AYA USA.
Take it with you, and enjoy!

Thank you.

Main Shop:

More new Airplanes, Boats are released in Second Life :)

September 19th, 2010 Comments off

It is very high detailed art work and looks very cool 🙂
New planes are displayed at AYA USA sky airport.

Just teleport to sky airport from Hunger.

I have many nice ride, police cars, fire engines, trucks, sports cars, huge drivable cruiser and etc.

The boat like this @@ it is huge! and it is not display model,
you could drive and enjoy with your friends on water area like Linden protected ocean, and etc. Please touch a vendor machine to read more detail information. The size of boat is 100M @@ Yes, great for show off to your family or friends.

Please come to AYA USA and enjoy!

AYA USA Main Shop:

Exotic Super Cars are released in Second Life

August 4th, 2010 Comments off

I would like to introduce NEW super car called “MIZUTI”
Manufactured by Haru Motors.

There are 6 colors and an ITA SHA version, total 7 different choices.
All colors are displayed at AYA USA now.

This is my favor color 🙂 It is so beautiful!

The rear wing is active controlled that raise by automatically when drive in fast speed! And comes a nice HUD to control all special functions, included super drift mode.

There is an Ita-Sha version available.

The car is equipped by some nice poses, like these.

Please come to AYA USA today to pick yours 🙂

See ya!


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Aya USA Airport is bigger now in Second Life

July 7th, 2010 No comments

There are more fun at Aya USA now 🙂
I just recieved a Fire Truck with many equipments today.
There are police cars and ambulance, and etc.

Come by Aya USA today and check it out!