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Second Life Live DJ mix video :)

July 28th, 2015 Comments off

From Original Posts:

..::..EMBASSY CLUB..::..
DJ: Genesis ♬
Style: Tech and Deep House ♪


Host: Bonnie ❤
Embassy Club Powered By Radio DeeJay
Embassy Club … Feel The Music
Video by Ume Sib

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DJ is tearing the place down! Help me:) Second Life Dance

April 1st, 2015 Comments off




Yes, Great place to be here at REZ ~N~ RIDE, Bay City – Dennis
It is so HOT. If you have a time? Come and enjoy with us 🙂





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Happy New Year :) in Second Life

January 1st, 2015 Comments off


Irvine Aya


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Second Life Music Video Tribute To Beyonce Mix, and etc :)

July 26th, 2014 Comments off

Second Life Tribute To Beyonce Partition MegaThickGirl Mix Starring Jessie Khaos

Video: Rockford Ewing

Thank you.

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DJ Ken Live DJ mix session in Second Life

May 2nd, 2014 Comments off


Location URL:

Live DJ Ken is spinning now at

Come and enjoy 🙂

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Second Life 60 Second Long Dances at HUMANOID

September 28th, 2013 Comments off


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DENNIS – UP TO 60 Second long Dances !

The latest HUMANOID Dance release !
From smooth to hard this release includes several Club Dances in the known HUMANOID Style. The main difference is that the Dance Animations are now up to 60 seconds long!

Check them out at the Mainstore !

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New Release From HUMANOID in Linden Second Life!

July 22nd, 2013 Comments off

Video by Marcus Adkins
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From Original Posts:


Girls Girls Girls !
With ELENA, Humanoid ties on the many successfull Girls dances !
Elena`s style is smooth and
uninhibited. We are very happy to present you another release for the Girls !

Thank you.

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Fashion Video May Magazine :) Nice!

May 14th, 2012 No comments

(MEGAMIX 2012) – May Magazine

In Second Life, There are many things to do Shop, Create , Build are some examples. Classic w/ Style has created a Sim that is based of Runway Fashion Modeling. We Offer Free basic Model Training in sl as well have a University for Students that wish to gain all the Skills In modeling. From Free Training, Daily Events , Contest Pageants & Now Recently our University of Fashion & Modeling as well Have a Magazine featuring Models & Designer Fashion each Month , SL Virtual Modeling is fun self satisfying and can be rewarding . You can meet people all over the world without ever leaving your home , Enjoy Virtual Modeling & Fashion.

Video by ClassicwithStyle

Thank you.

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Second Life Music Dance Video “DJ Cae Diesel at Zain’s PARTY:)

April 15th, 2012 No comments

Video streaming by Ustream

From Original Posts:

-house and latin house-
DJ: Cae Diesel (Guest DJ: Belgium)
Dancer: macoto Jonstone (Club Zain: Japan)
Host:Rudi Moleno (Club Zain: Puerto Rico)

This video is recorded by umejintan Beck
She is the one of famous Video Editor in Japan.
Thank you for great video!

Club Zain


Club Zain blog
Club Zain youtube Ch
Club Zain facebook


Note: The Video is very long, lol. Just let you know 🙂

Also, you will see some CM sometime as randomly, but it is normal.

Thank you.


Dance Battle in Second life :) Wow!

January 5th, 2012 Comments off

From Original Posts:
Second Life Machinima
You Want Make Me Down

You Want Make Me Down
by The Singletons


[SIM Production]
The new Virtual Decay Mainstore
is built on its own island.
Resembling a secret government research facility
The City – Urban shopping center
Maddison Mokeev


[Dance Animations]
3FX Animations
Sine Wave Company
A&M MOCAP Animation Workshop

SDB project team
renji diavolo
kakuya Herbit
you Axelbrad


[Movie Design]
ume sib – collection
umekobutya Beck


[special thanks]
te21dash bade
snowboarder flow
pupu karu
sora Gearz
haru istmal
akito Perido
iorri Resident

kamisama Bosatsu
sakurahime Resident

Stage Setting

Thank you.

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