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Haru Motors Owner’s GRANDPRIX Races

April 13th, 2009

It is early morning, to race on Japanese events some time I had to wake up 430am Los Angeles time (SL Time)



I joined to the events call HOG (Haru Motors Owners Grandpre)

Beautiful bikini girls here!

Waiting for the next race. Oh, I better go to restroom now,,, lol.

Sorry I could not take any SS during the race, because I’m driving

!st hisami Kanto
2nd Irvine Aya
3rd Cannaregio Franizzi

SS Time! Let’s take a picture!
Come and join with us. They have several events on each month. Have a fun!


There is an Oil Can sits on the ground, just touch it and you could drive some demo cars. Enjoy!

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