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Catamaran Yacht is released in Second Life

July 7th, 2010

Max. for 3 peoples.
The name of Yacht is “Flying Catfish 33”.
3 modes available. (Racing, Standard, and Practice)
It is compatible to Wind setter.
Changeable textures combinations.

It is very fun to ride!

Therr is no motor or engine, so you need to manage the control to optimaize wind effects, so you could go faster 🙂

Once the practice is done, I am abale to go faster 🙂

If you would like to go faster, choose one of setting in the menu and change the strength of wind and etc.

Yeaaaa! This is fun 🙂

Use PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN key to move avatar left and right, so you could stay in good position and keep nice angle for the cruise.

The summer never ends in the Second Life 🙂
Get yours today and have a fun!

Here is the URL for vendors.



AYA USA Haru Motors

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