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Zyngo Kickers is updated. It is fast now :)

September 7th, 2010

The high score contest on L$10 machine.
Have a fun and good luck!

Machine Location SURL:

From MFG. Site (Instructions for Zyngo Kickers!)
Zyngo Kickers! .

Game Play

You are allowed 20 rounds to score points. Each round, numbers and symbols will appear at the bottom of the display. You will have a brief amount of time to select matching numbers before the next round. When a number above matches a number displayed below, click the upper number to score. If a Blue Jester appears, then you can select any number above it. If a Green Jester appears in the middle, you may select any unselected square. (Note: you must use the Green Jester before any other numbers or jesters.)


For every matched number, you get 200 points.
For every diamond, you score 1000 points.
For every filled row, column or diagonal, you score 1000 points.
If you fill every square in the pattern, you score 3000 points.
If you fill every square, you score 5000 points.
If the Angel appears, you score 1000 points.
If the devil appears, he subtracts between 20% and 50% of your score.


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