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A Nice Second Life Dance Music Video :)

April 22nd, 2012 Comments off

Second Life Dance Music Video 「ELECTRO HOUSE #4」by DJ Guotti

Video streaming by Ustream

Related SURL:

ASUKA club Raijin:


Alpha Point:


Omega Point:


Video Length: 56:03
Recorded on 2012/04/21
Video by LINZOO Ringo

Thank you.

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New Sexy Sports Car is released in Second Life :)

April 18th, 2012 Comments off

A real nice sports cars are available now by the one of famous Exotic Sports Car MFG in Second Life “Haru Motors”
The name of the car is “LE FA”.

The detail of this car is amazing.

I just took it to test drive on Linden Route 7 in Gaeta Island.

The rear wing will be pop up when you drive in high-speed 🙂 or you could pop it up by manually.

To open the hood, just touch on the hood. It is very easy.

Several animation and poses are included for you to enjoy, nice!

The gas pump is included in a package.

Don’t ran out fuel 🙂 You might be end up to push a car to go back home.

You must use a gas pump to re-fuel to go to drive.

7 colors are available. The fat pack is included all 7 colors.

You must see it, it is the great car! The cockpit is very nice, too.

The HUD is available when you get in a car.

You could switch it to normal drive mode, Drift mode, and etc.


All cars are displayed at AYA USA now.
Here is the SURL:


Enjoy 🙂

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Second Life Music Dance Video “DJ Cae Diesel at Zain’s PARTY:)

April 15th, 2012 No comments

Video streaming by Ustream

From Original Posts:

-house and latin house-
DJ: Cae Diesel (Guest DJ: Belgium)
Dancer: macoto Jonstone (Club Zain: Japan)
Host:Rudi Moleno (Club Zain: Puerto Rico)

This video is recorded by umejintan Beck
She is the one of famous Video Editor in Japan.
Thank you for great video!

Club Zain


Club Zain blog
Club Zain youtube Ch
Club Zain facebook


Note: The Video is very long, lol. Just let you know 🙂

Also, you will see some CM sometime as randomly, but it is normal.

Thank you.


Amaretto Ranch University is ready, WOW :)

April 13th, 2012 Comments off

From Original Posts:

It’s Friday the 13th and its time to go to school! Amaretto Ranch University is finally ready for you all and to celebrate the Grand Opening Party!

All available horses in Second Life are displayed at Amaretto Ranch University!

It is nice to see very rare horses 🙂

Here is the SURL for Amaretto Ranch University.


Oh, also, here is the SURL for AYA USA shop.


I just got some rare horses. I love my Charmed horses 🙂

See ya!

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