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Fashion Video “Boom boom pow January Magazine 2012”

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Boom boom pow January Magazine 2012

In Second Life, There are many things to do Shop, Create , Build are some examples. Classic w/ Style has created a Sim that is based of Runway Fashion Modeling. We Offer Free basic Model Training in sl as well have a University for Students that wish to gain all the Skills In modeling. From Free Training, Daily Events , Contest Pageants & Now Recently our University of Fashion & Modeling as well Have a Magazine featuring Models & Designer Fashion each Month , SL Virtual Modeling is fun self satisfying and can be rewarding . You can meet people all over the world without ever leaving your home , Enjoy Virtual Modeling & Fashion.

Video by ClassicwithStyle

Thank you.

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Second Life Viewer Updated 3.2.5 (247236)

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Second Life Viewer is Updated to 3.2.5 (247236)  today!

From Original Posts:

Crash and Performance Fixes
EXP-1742[c] Clicking IM notification or receiving multiple IM notifications in quick succession crashes to desktop
SH-2710[c] I don’t want UI calls to getChild to reduce my fps!
SH-2711[c] The “RenderAnimateTrees” setting looks strange and queries related to the setting reduce the viewer fps
SH-2712[c] LLVOAvatar::isFullyLoaded is called many times a frame and queries settings without doing any caching
SH-2713[c] LLPipeline::refreshCachedSettings is called once per frame and is the single largest use of CPU time related to querying settings
Crash at LLIMWellWindow::removeObjectRow(LLUUID const &)
Crash on startup on Mac (viewer-experience build 245885)
Crash in LLBufferArray::countAfter()
LLCurl causes SL to freeze when logout
Texture fetching freezes due to LLcurl
Viewer crashed on logout in LLCurl::Easy::releaseEasyHandle
Crash in LLCurlRequest::addEasy
Crash in LLCurl::Multi::doPerform()

Here is link for more info, and download.

Enjoy 🙂

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Dance Battle in Second life :) Wow!

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From Original Posts:
Second Life Machinima
You Want Make Me Down

You Want Make Me Down
by The Singletons


[SIM Production]
The new Virtual Decay Mainstore
is built on its own island.
Resembling a secret government research facility
The City – Urban shopping center
Maddison Mokeev


[Dance Animations]
3FX Animations
Sine Wave Company
A&M MOCAP Animation Workshop

SDB project team
renji diavolo
kakuya Herbit
you Axelbrad


[Movie Design]
ume sib – collection
umekobutya Beck


[special thanks]
te21dash bade
snowboarder flow
pupu karu
sora Gearz
haru istmal
akito Perido
iorri Resident

kamisama Bosatsu
sakurahime Resident

Stage Setting

Thank you.

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