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Happy Birthday Amaretto Horses in Second Life.

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Happy Birthday Amaretto Horses! To commemorate the 1 year anniversary we have designed Special Birthday Horses than can be born to your horses during the week of Sept 1st – Sept 7th !  These Birthday Horses are completely random and will carry the traits of their parents underneath their Special Birthday Coat!  Thank you all for this past year and Happy Breeding for the Birthday Horses!!
  Any bundles that “drops” between  Sept 1st – 7th  has a chance of being a birthday horse  


  Birthday Sale!!
To celebrate the 1 Year Anniversary of Amaretto Breedables we are having a week long sale on a combo Breedable Food/Salt Lick pack! The Anniversary Pack will include a 25 pack of Breedable Food & a 25 Pack of Salt Licks!  The Anniversary Packs are at all the Amaretto Horse Store locations from Sept. 1st thru Sept. 7th! You can buy the Anniversary Pack for 6500L ! A 1200L savings to honor the 12 months since Amaretto was released!




Amaretto Main Shop:

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