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3D Virtual World using Twitter account :) Try it now!

May 27th, 2010 No comments

Twitlife is 3D virtual world using twitter account.
You can drag & drop images and place it.
Let’s create cool room and invite your friends!

More information here:

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Second Life F-14 Test flight video. I like a Catapult take off :)

May 26th, 2010 Comments off

Second Life F-14 Test flight video.
Location: Comfrey SIM in Second Life
AYA USA Executive Airport. In Gaeta Main Land.

Airplane used : F-14 jets by Creative A,a,b.

It is new model, much more features, like Catapult system, and etc.

Here is SURL for displays and vendors.


Thank you.

How to share Second Life videos by Torley Linden :)

May 19th, 2010 Comments off

Quickly record and share Second Life videos with Screenr

From Original Posts: Torley takes Screenr for a tour with Second Life. Could this make it easier to record SL tips bug repros on-the-go?

Video by Torley

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Second Life Live Concerts Recorded Video “Shining Heart” by Piatto

May 17th, 2010 No comments

Live Concerts Video “Shining Heart” by Piatto

Piatto Blog

SLMV Piatto Page

It is in Japanese
Video by takutada

Thank you.

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Second Life Music Video “Beauty”

May 17th, 2010 No comments

Second Life Tribute To Dru Hill “Beauty”
Starring Peligroso Static

Video by EvaDivaSmalls

Thank you.

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A nice Machinima in Second Life “It’s a wonderful second life”

May 15th, 2010 No comments

From Original Posts: Here it is my last way to show all how i like this beautiful second world.Hope it will please you all, that ‘s just that’s important 🙂 For all people who are like me dreaming after all these years..

Video by samlowry123

Thank you.

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A nice Apolon Motors Automobile in Second Life :)

May 15th, 2010 Comments off

Very roomy 🙂 It is very easy to drive!

6 speed transmission with owner controls, so you could set it up Owner, Group, or All to drive ^^
A surf board is included which you could rez it from dialg menu.

Shop SURL:

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DJ Party in Second Life! Sunday morning events information :)

May 15th, 2010 No comments

A nice event is coming on Sunday!
It is early birds special for people in USA 🙂
The events will be perform in night time in Japan, that is why 🙂
Just check it out before its get full ^^

SLT/PST Pacific standard time
05:00-Izumi Lane(Trance)
06:00-Tesco Baxton(Trance)
07:00-PanchoZ Turbo(HOUSE)
09:00-momotea Jinx(ALL MIX)

(JST) Japan standard time
21:00-Izumi Lane(Trance)
22:00-Tesco Baxton(Trance)
23:00-PanchoZ Turbo(HOUSE)
24:00-momotea Jinx(ALL MIX)

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SLRR Load Test (some grade crossings and track switches for the Second Life Railroad)

May 14th, 2010 No comments
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Second Life Video 2010 LSC May Spotlight BUBA

May 11th, 2010 No comments

Here is a video of 2010 LSC May Spotlight BUBA.

Video by LIATA2008

Thank you.

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