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Open space price will go up?

October 29th, 2008 No comments

Beginning 1st January 2009
We will increase the monthly maintenance fee from USD$75 to USD$125 per month. This price increase will apply to all owners of Openspaces on January 1st as well as new purchases after that date. There will be no grandfathering of Openspace maintenance pricing.
For anyone owning class 4 Openspaces on January 1st, they will be upgraded to class 5 by end of January, to further improve the experience people have on those regions.
At the same time, we will be increasing the upfront fee for brand new Openspaces from USD$250 to USD$375.
Effective Immediately
We will no longer allow the Owner of an Openspace to be changed to a different resident than the Payor. Initially we will not enforce this change on Openspaces where the Payor and Owner are already different but in those cases the only change allowed will be to set the Owner back to the Payor. This doesn’t affect the parcel level rentals, this is just focussed on the whole region rental of Openspaces.
We will no longer offer an educational or non-profit discount for new Openspaces. As mentioned earlier, this is due to the increased back end resource required for us to support Openspaces in the way that they are now being used. For the small number of Educators that already have Openspaces, we will be contacting you directly to discuss this change.
Next, we will be making changes to the viewer that enable residents to know precisely what type of land or region they are on so that the land market remains as fair and easy to understand as possible. So expect to see changes that much more clearly display to residents whether they are on Linden Mainland or Private Estate, whether it is a Normal region or Openspace and what that means. This will affect various aspects of the Viewer including the inworld Search along with the About Land and Buy Land screens. Making Land easier to understand will benefit everyone, especially new users looking to step onto the property ladder for the first time.
Lastly we will begin to proactively discuss overloaded Openspaces with their owners. This is important because as with abuse of region resources, a heavily overloaded Openspace can adversely affect other Openspaces sharing the same machine which is clearly unfair to residents who are using them responsibly. We have listened to your feedback on this, and agree that we need to make changes to better support our Openspace users by actively working to keep the performance levels as high as possible. We will also provide some detailed guidance about what ‘overuse’ looks like and how to prevent it.
So to recap:
* Openspace prices and fees change on the 1st January with no grandfathering.
* Class 4 Openspaces will be upgraded to class 5 in January.
* Educator discount is no longer available for Openspaces.
* No Owner switching for Openspaces unless it’s a full transfer of Payor.
* More proactive education by support staff to prevent unfair resource use by Openspace regions.
We’re sure there will be many of you with questions and concerns on the back of this announcement. As previously, there will shortly be a forum created specifically for discussion of these changes so please head over here if you wish to provide feedback. In addition, if you need a more personal dialogue about this post, please contact support as usual.

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Bell H-13 MASH Helicopter released on Second Life

October 29th, 2008 Comments off

Bell H-13

Avionics are available on the HUD.

I have tried it and felt very stable stick controlled helicopter.

 I have tried it and felt very stable stick-controlled helicopter.
It is a rescued helicopter, so I will go to search any victims from now. 🙂
If you see me around Gaeta Island, please say hi! 😉

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Nice Camping RV released in Second Life

October 25th, 2008 Comments off

Aya USAではアポロンモータース社から販売されている
今回お馬さんも乗れちゃう ^^ のを紹介いたしまーす!

また夏に逆もどり ^^”
というわけで、あやもまた水着にもどっちゃいました ^^
オートバイなんか乗せてもいいかも? ^^

Aya USAの展示場でご覧になれます!


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SLR is here in Second Life

October 19th, 2008 Comments off

かっこいいーー  ^^

お昼ねしちゃいそう ^^

試乗なんかもできるかも? だから声かけてね ^^

じゃあこれからリンデン国道7号でも走ってきまーす ^^

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Paraglider is here in Second Life

October 19th, 2008 Comments off

Aya USAのサーフショップでパラグライダーの試乗を行っていますが、


大変好評です  ^^



回収はあやが行います ^^ からどこでも乗り捨て自由です ^^


試乗はここで ^^

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Dolphin by Apolon Motors updated news in Second Life

October 12th, 2008 Comments off

今回のアップデートでイルカさんは芸を学びました ^^

イルカさんが食べるんです。 ^^すごーーい!!

それを指示通りにNote Cardに入力すればOKです!

イルカの購入または見物はこちらから ^^

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RV with 4WD, nice setup for camping in Second Life

October 3rd, 2008 Comments off

Aya USAで今日から販売をはじめました。
なんといっても静止モデルではなくて、牽引できてしまうところが気に入りました ^^
とりあえずお写真を乗っけて置きますね ^^


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S13 Race cars are released in Second Life

October 2nd, 2008 Comments off

この写真はなんだかおわかりですか?  ^^

近日発売予定のS13のスクープ写真です ^^

今日はT. Yokosukaさんのご協力を得てレース界で注目のS13をちょこっとご紹介いたします。

あやも早速ドライバーシートに座ってみたりして ^^

色々なオプションが期待されるなか、発売が待ち遠しいです ^^


ちょっとだけっていいましたが、かっこいいのでこんなにお写真を撮ってしまいました ^^”

室内もとてもきれいに出来てます ^^ とにかく本物をAya USAに見にきてね ^^


お早めにご覧下さい ^^


それじゃリンデン国道をドライブしてきまーす ^^

あっ、ところで Harumotorsの新車もそろそろ発売ですよーーー

みにきてねーー ^^

レビューは近日行いまーす ^^